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Anabatic Technologies Launches Branchless Banking Solution

December 12, 2014

The growth of information technology in the recent years has made the Internet network and smartphone as a basic human need which also resulted in the need for banking transaction at any given time. PT Anabatic Technologies as an IT solution for banks is fully aware of this trend and launches their new solution, PocketBank.

"Branchless has now become the latest banking trend, therefore Anabatic sees that as an important point to create a solution that will enable banks to add coverages for their customers, both from transaction and new customers point of view" said Ferdinand Gunadi, Director of Sales from Anabatic Technologies at the launching event of Anabatic Mobile Solution at The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, on Thursday (12/11).

Meanwhile, Agus Muljady, Director of Anabatic described PocketBank application launched by Anabatic focused on three areas: customers, banks and agents. Almost all transactions done by banks, can be executed by the customers themselves.

"From a bank’s point of view, their customers used to have to visit the bank, now the customer service or teller can hit the target by using mobile application. For agent, usually when a bank open up a branch or cash office, they need to drain their pockets. But with PocketBank, those things can be eliminated," he said.

PocketBank spoil you with Customer Behavior Detection service. As the name implies, this feature allows you to be able to detect all customer banking activities along with the time, place, and the technology that used by your customer.

Not only that, but if you don’t have smartphone, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use the magnificent power of PocketBank, because this solution can be accessed using a basic phone through SMS and USSD. And if you don’t have or carry a cell phone, computer or laptop can be used as an alternative.

Still not feeling satisfied? This application has feature that allows you to transfer your money to a phone number that is not registered on PocketBank. This person will get a temporary account and that account can be used until the date expired. Customer can take their money at the ATM, teller, or an agent with an SMS to get a one-time password. If the transfer has expired, then the money will go back into the account that had transferred it.

With Anabatic PocketBank, you no longer need to wait in line at the bank to make every transaction. Bank’s performance can be more effective and are also getting more extensive in coverage. As a further matter, Anabatic Technologies is committed to providing IT solutions for the promotion of the country banks through the works of the nation.