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Graha Anabatic, The Big Dream of Anabatic Technologies

September 14, 2015


PT Anabatic Technologies established a business office in Scientia Boulevard, Gading Serpong, Monday (9/14/2015). The President Director of Anabatic Technologies Handojo Sutjipto said that Graha Anabatic was built to be the center of every operational activities of Anabatic and its subsidiaries Q2 Technologies, Mahacitta, Aristi Jasadata, Anabatic International, and Amani Mulia.

“This building has been a big dream to us, we hope this building will facilitate all of Anabatic employees that will keep increasing in the future,” he said.

Graha Anabatic stands tall above the 1.800 m2 land and has 12 levels. Graha Anabatic is expected to support the company to grow bigger and become an IT company that can compete with many other major IT companies. Hopefully Anabatic can always meet customer’s needs in this Information Technology era that keeps growing rapidly under presidency of Jokowi, who fully supports E-government.


Graha Anabatic is completed with a helipad that can be used by the company’s guests whose office is located in Summarecon Serpong. In addition, there is one whole level which is completely used as the data center to serve customer’s needs of cloud service.

That data center  has 32 blocks which is developed by tier 3 standard to make sure the data remain working even when any unexpected things happen such as power cut. There are two clients who already use the data center which are a regional bank and a partner of Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) in the field of micro credit.

Graha Anabatic’s level 11 will be used by recruitment service. Handojo stated, today’s main challenge of Anabatic is our own human resource. Therefore, it is wise to have a single space that gives comfort to recruitment candidates that will be company’s future asset. “Meanwhile, level 12 will be used for learning center to train our employees,” added Handojo.

Handojo stated, the presence of Graha Anabatic will also lessen company’s operational costs. It is because Anabatic has been renting office in Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta, for around IDR 6 billion a year.

To anticipate the long distance between employees’ house and Graha Anabatic, the company that has gone public is planning to build Griya Anabatic apartment for employees that currently live far from Graha Anabatic.

Griya Anabatic will be built upon 1.2 hectare of private land. There will be multiple apartment towers built around it. Tower I will be exclusive to company’s staff and can accommodate 200 rooms with investment as much as

IDR 35 billion.