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Emporia Digital Raya a New Platform for Expanding the Digital Marketing for Business Community in Indonesia

April 04, 2016

In collaboration with, Emporia will deliver sound and dependable digital assistance as well as business consultations for business community from various scales in expanding their market in the digital world

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk, a publicly listed company that offers various digital technology platforms, digital solution and IT, as well as e-business assistance, today officially launched its latest solution, an e-commerce solution, namely Emporia Digital Raya, in an inspiring discussion event entitled “Reaching Global Market with Technology”, held in Galeri Indonesia WOW, Menara SMESCO, Jakarta.

This event which was attended by Ir. Agus Muharram MPK, Secretary to the Minister of Cooperation and SMEs – Indonesia, Timothy Leung, Head of Global Business Development -, and Ahmad Zabadi, SH, MM, President Director LLP – KUKM, initiated to share the latest updates and insights on how the digital technology will be able to assist the business community in enhancing their competitiveness in expanding their market, locally and globally.

Following its initial introduction to limited audience in December last year, Emporia Digital recently signed a collaboration agreement with, a leading platform for global wholesale trade serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world under the Alibaba Group to enable Emporia to deliver assistance to SME members on in Indonesia looking to expand their businesses through digital platform.

“Through this collaboration, Emporia is targeting the SMEs and start-ups which have not or currently considering entering the e-commerce area,” explained Fernando Wangsa, Director of Emporia Digital Raya.


“The story of in helping global SMEs build and expand their business worldwide by implementing a comprehensive approach will guide us in running the program in Indonesia, where we will be focusing on providing training and consultations.”

“The collaboration is also built upon our observation of the huge potential of digital commerce or e-commerce in Indonesia, also following the direction from the government to be partaking in supporting the SMEs to reach their full potentials and success, not only at home, but also abroad,” added Fernando.

While Timothy Leung, Head of Global Business Development for said, “The total number of Internet users in Indonesia, which now has reached 82 million users or about 30% from the total population, surely reveals a huge potential for the business community to expand their market and secure their brand equities in the digital universe. Currently there are over one million registered users from Indonesia on Our experience in providing trading assistance and consultation for SMEs and start-ups in other countries, will hopefully be a good and enriching reference for the business owners in Indonesia so that, they too, can become more competitive in a wider and expanded market.”

 “Aside from continuing their innovations and improving product quality and increasing their production quota, SMEs community in Indonesia cannot neglect the role of digital technology to their business routines,” said Ir. Agus Muharram MPK – Secretary to the Minister of Cooperation and SMEs, Republic of Indonesia.  “The collaboration between Emporia and shows how the digital technology can create a synergy amongst local corporation, global corporation and SMEs in accelerating their contribution towards the growth of economy in Indonesia.”

As the official channel partner of, Emporia Digital is committed to helping businesses to be able to become a member of in order to expand the market share of their business to international level.

Various benefits, which any SMEs owners may receive from the service include, among others, training prepared by Emporia Digital from packaging, designing, service delivery, and payment, to the business knowledge that is in line with international standards. The service will be complemented by various assistances, such as: design consultancy, digital creative marketing and technology commerce provider.

“We do hope that what we share today to the SMEs owners who were here with us today will give them added values and useful information and knowledge also will open their mind to immediately embrace the digital technology in doing their business. I guess, we will be proud to see that Indonesia’s SMEs will have the capability of competing in the global market,” added Fernando, in closing.