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PocketBank, Effective Solution of Branchless Banking Trends

December 22, 2016



Banking world in this technological era seems have to continue to develop. Along with the high level of consumer demands towards any forms of transaction in a fast and easy way, then the bank must be responsive towards this demands. Bank is no longer act as intermediary for payments only, but also becomes an easy transaction medium which is easy and efficient.

Along with this matter, the banking world began to evolve. Digital banking began to become a trend, seen from the emergence of mobile applications those release by each banks. As for the result, many people starting to switch from using offline transaction become using online transaction, it is because the mobile application is easy to use for transaction, it can be used on personal phones, and make it easy for customers who want to do the transaction quickly.

The problem that then arises is not all of Indonesian people feel safe to use mobile apps and digital banking. There are still many people who more pleased with conventional way by going to bank teller or using ATM facilities. Many people feel that online transaction tend to be more disadvantage.

Then, this is become the problem that must be solved by the bank. To answer that question, Anabatic released a system which called PocketBank, a banking for ease customer transaction while making it easier for banks to facilitate their customers. With quite abundant features, PocketBank can be a solution to trend the Digital Banking which is being developing as well as branchless banking.

PocketBank focuses on 3 (three) areas : customers, banks, and agents. With those three areas, customers no longer need to go to the bank. The reason is almost all the transaction that once had to do in the bank, can now be done by the customers through their mobile phone. Banks no longer need to open a branch office that will spend alot of cost because it can be the strategy through the mobile appication. To detect banking activities of bank’s customers, the bank itself can check through Customer Behaviour Detection which available on PocketBank. This feature is allowing the bank to check the time, place, and technology which used by customers to do the transaction.

Are the features of PocketBank accessible only for the latest smart phones ? Well, for those Indonesian people who still reluctant to use digital banking, PocketBank have a solution. This application remains accessible with any phone, even non-smartphone though. Not only mobile phones, computers and laptops can also be utilized as a tools of transaction with PocketBank

To increase customer trust on digital banking transaction, PocketBank also has a features to transfer via temporary account. So, customers can transfer the money to other customers through their phone number. Although the users phone number not yet registered in the PocketBank account, the transaction can still be done. Later, the recipent will get a temporary account which has expire date to use. The details of this temporary account is related to the information which will be SMSed to recipient’s number and contains a single-use password. The recipient can take the money at an ATM, teler, or agent using the password. If the expire date has been forteited, and the recipient has not taken the money, then the money will return to the original account. Simple and safe, isn’t it ?

The effectiveness of PocketBank application service is certainly making the customers become easier to access their banking accounts while making transaction anytime and anywhere. In addition, the bank was further facilitated because of the network coverage becomes more widespread.

Running on IBM Power8, the performance of PocketBank is become more optimal. With its ability to process a large amounts of data faster and running real-time compression so the result do not require additional space because the file is not duplicated, IBM Power8 is the right server to pair with banking application

Combination between PocketBank and IBM Power8 makes more transaction are possible for banks and their customers. Customers get the ease of doing digital banking via smart phone, choose preferred payment method even can make transfer based on phone number. You need a digital transformation for banking service ? For more info and demo for PocketBank running on IBM Power8, please  click here.