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Anabatic Technologies signs the cooperation with IT company from Korea Next IT, Develops Biometrix Technology in Indonesia

February 15, 2018

- PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk, signed a partnership with IT company from Korea NexTI, this cooperation aims to provide FIDO Solution or Fast Identity Online service in Indonesia.


2018, Anabatic Technologies Allocated Capex more than RP 100M

November 21, 2017

Pada hari ini Senin 20 Nopember 2017, PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (Perseroan) menyelenggarakan Public Expose dalam rangka update kinerja pada semester dua tahun 2017. - Emiten penyedia sistem informasi teknologi, PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (ATIC) menargetkan dapat tambahan pendapatan sebesar US$ 20 juta pada 2018.

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk Still Growing In Spite of Economic Slowdown

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk has presented third quarter of this year’s result at a public expose held by Investor Summit and Capital Market Expo 2015 in Indonesia Stock Exchange, Jakarta, November 9th 2015 Read more

Anabatic Continues Its Expansion in the Philippines

As a form of business development, Anabatic International is establishing its expansion in the Philippines after opening its business office in Chennai and Bangalore. Read more

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk Shares has Listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk shares has officially listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). Besides, Anabatic has also become the tenth emiten that listed at BEI in 2015. Read more

Go Public, PT Anabatic Technologies Sell 20% New Shares

The role of technology in the banking industry is very absolute in the middle of the growing and complex facilities that are being implemented by banks, in an effort to simplify services to customers. Moreover, the types of banking solutions offered to customers were almost identical. Read more

Axslogic Partners with Anabatic Technologies

Anabatic Technologies, a prominent IT firm in Indonesia has partnered with Axslogic to deliver its flagship product WINNOW™ for the enterprise segment within Indonesia. Read more

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