Where there is no vision, there is no hope.

The name Anabatic came from classical Greek, Anabatikos literally means a passion to moves forward in order to be better (see Kaizen’s philosophy below). The alternate meaning of Anabatikos is a skilled in mounting or capability in reaching higher place.


Matahari kuning melambangkan sebagai visi dan misi Anabatic yang menjadi tujuan pergerakan perusahaan dan penyatu semua elemen perusahaan. Warna kuning sendiri melambangkan optimis dan intelegensi sesuai dengan visi bisnis kami, IT solution provider yang terdepan.


Lekukan pada angin menggambarkan lembah yang melambangkan tantangan atas area bisnis yang dipilih Anabatic yaitu solusi mission-critical.


Angin berhembus berwarna merah melambangkan semangat dinamis untuk mengejar visi dan misi perusahaan. Warna merah sendiri melambangkan keberanian dan kegigihan perusahaan dalam menciptakan inovasi untuk segala kegiatan bisnisnya.

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PT Anabatic Technologies inisiate to creates the motto based on Kaizen philosophy which means continuous improvement. This term includes the notion of improvement that involves everyone. According to Kaizen, human life should be focused on ongoing efforts. Though improvements in kaizen is small and continuous, but the process of kaizen is able to bring great result dramatically with time.

Because of the process must be improved so that the results can be increased, that’s why Kaizen also emphasizes process-oriented mindset. Failure in achieve something is a reflection of the failure in the process.

In addition, Kaizen is a problem-solving process. In order to solve and understand a problem properly, it must be correctly identified and analyzed. Trying to solve the problem without data is a problem solving based on the taste and feelings. Collecting the data on the current state is equal to help understanding the direction in which the focus should be directed; this becomes the first step in an effort of improvement.

Therefore, always think better ways.


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